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The Chatham Technical Institute is a nonprofit research and development corporation with interests in the design and management of economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally sound community-based programs that connect underserved communities to mainstream economies.


Founded in 2012 as a research and education arm of the Blue Ocean Logic Group, the Chatham Technical Institute incorporates broad based and local research in the development and management of trademarked community enrichment programs. Relying upon local, hands-on community service agencies and nonprofit institutions to deploy our programs and support our participants, the Chatham Technical Institute is a hub in a comprehensive digital community development network committed to helping communities help themselves




     Notable programs developed and managed by Chatham Tech include:

Digital Literacy Fundamentals© & DLF Online
Classroom and online courses and assessments designed to assist digital novices and intermediates in the practical integration of digital resources into their personal and professional lives.
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Digital Learning Spaces
A turnkey training solution, including space design and construction, technology selection, curriculum development and program management for large and small organizations nationwide.
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Chicago Metro TD™
Technical assistance, workforce training and organization development coaching for businesses located across City of Chicago communities. Download PDF to learn more

Minority Business Education 2.0™
Blended coursework and coaching supporting business leadership education, organizational development training and technical assistance within the minority business enterprise community.
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T.R.A.D.E Chicago™
Technical Repair, Assistance and Development Education program supporting vocational education and technical workforce training in the development of 21st century digital workforce skills.



Although we entertain and support a broad range of community-based programming, the major areas of focus and strength for Chatham Tech include:


• Broadband Infrastructure and Internet Access Expansion

• Digital Consumer Literacy and Development

• Digital Business Literacy and Development

• Digital Workforce Literacy and Development

• Digital Real Estate in Community Development

• Technology in Public Health, Safety and Education




In support of digital community development, Chatham Tech designs and deploys sustainable research and education tools through partner organizations that weave a network of economic threads connecting local and national charitable, education, faith-based, government and business interests to the technology fabric of emerging 21st century communities.



To learn more about how Chatham Tech can support your digital community development efforts please contact Brian at 1-866-420-0296 or


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